Treasured Music (LoFi & Relaxing)

A curated list of music that I enjoy and listen to when feeling happier or sadder than usual.

THBD - Good For You

Thbd · Good For You

Kupla - Soft to Touch

ENRA - Consequences

Tenno - Luna

S N U G - Blankets

Mondo Loops - Lunar Drive

jhove - been a while

BluntOne - Danube Blues

Pandrezz - Cuddlin

Yasumu - Untold Stories

Softy - Stray

chief. - It Happens

Kupla - Distant Lands

E I S U - Puddles

Tenno - The Prophecy (EP)

Pandrezz - Blind Forest

Andreas Kubler - The Stories We Forgot (EP)

Pandrezz - Just Hold On

Toram Online OST - Navida’s Relics

Kronus-ToramWriter · Xmass Event/ Navida's Relics BGM

jhove - away from home ft. bert

Purrple Cat - Moonlit Walk

Project AER - The FInality Of It All ft. Colours in Context

xander. - Glitter ft. Carrick

less.people - As The World Burns

BVG - lotus

Purrple Cat - Too Tired

less.people - Everything’s a symptom

S N U G x Nuver - Paths

goosetaf - Silk ft. Blue Wednesday

Purrple Cat - Sugar Coat

Kupla - Kingdom in Blue (EP)

Project AER - Spirits

Tenno - Butterfly Lullaby

Tenno - Warm Sleep

Oatmello - Dark Chocolate ft. Slo Loris

l’Outlander - Higher Calling

No Spirit - Carry Me

Hevi - Above Skies (ft. H.1)

Tibeauthetraveler - miss you

SCayos - Horizon