How to get a domain? (Free)

Hey there fellow netizen 👋

I believe you are looking for a free domain to host your project. Or maybe use it for your CDN?

Whatever your purposes might be, as long as they’re within reasonable ethics and legal regulations, you can feel free to contact to claim your free subdomain.

Sample use cases

  • Connect with GitHub Pages to shorten the to instead.

  • Connect with Cloudflare Pages to shorten the to

  • Connect with Gumroad to shorten the to

  • Connect with Replit to use a custom domain instead of

  • Connect with Hashnode to shorten the to

Why it matters

Certain countries offer second-level domains appended by their ccTLDs that are just 1-letter shorten than a domain. Yet, do you think it’s worth the cost for simply using the domain for a fun idea?

  • is as long as but barely costs anything unlike the former, which stands at about $0.80 per year.

  • A domain costs nothing while a domain is around $9 per year. That’s over $720 spanning your lifetime!

Surely, if your website is meant to be used for a business-oriented purpose, then spending $12 annually for a standard .com domain sounds like a very feasible task. But here at, our vision is to help out developers from countries whose own domestic currency is very weak against the US dollar. And due to unfairly high exchange rates, even a tiny $10 a year (that’s less than $1 per month) seems like a pricey luxury for certain demographics (e.g. teenagers in India who do not have an allowance fit for purchasing domains on their own).

Is it worth it?

Let’s make one fact clear: You’ll be receiving a subdomain instead of a normal domain. It’s basically the same thing except you won’t have access to the DNS records. If you ever need to update/add/edit the DNS records pertaining to your registered “domain” with, then you simply contact

Compared with other free subdomains

  • (projectname) (provided by Replit)

  • /projectname (provided by Wix)

  • (provided by GitHub for GitHub Pages)

  • (provided by Cloudflare for Cloudflare Pages)

  • (provided by BootStrap Studio)

  • (provided by Leia Website Builder)

  • (provided by Glitch)

  • (provided by us)

TL;DR: If you want a free domain, just hit up with the necessary info (e.g. “A records: …. , CNAME records: ….”) and we’ll do the rest!