Cheapest Domains in 2023

In the current modern era, it is very crucial to have a space of your own on the internet. Whether you wish to host a website where your thoughts and opinions reign in the form of a blog, or you are an aspiring developer who loves to play with “tech” things. Regardless, every individual who wishes to establish an online presence, to purchase and own a domain.

What is it?

A domain is an “internet address” of sorts. Everytime you type a URL into your web browser, e.g., you are actually typing in the domain of that particular website. On the server-side, your web browser receives info from a DNS (domain nameserver) which translates the domain ( into its IP address (

Computers do not care about the words you type into the address bar of your browser. They do, however, understand numbers. Thus, IP addresses are useful in networking and that’s exactly what a website is! Someone else’s computer, big or small, where you have been allowed access for you to explore their contents.

Where to find/buy one?

Domains, sadly, come at a price. There’s no such thing as a “free lunch” when it comes to good-grade products. Likewise, domains need to be registered (purchased) and then renewed annually - till the day you die (or decide to let go of the domain).

Various domain registrars are available, e.g. NamecheapIONOSPorkbunSpaceship, but all of them have different rates.

If you are already experienced with domain buying, you’d know that certain registrars may charge a very low price for the first year, but bump it up to an above-average renewal price for every additional year afterwards!

Along comes DomainCheap to the rescue!

From their minimalist website, you can browse through the lowest possible rates that they can offer! With single-year registrations available for just $1 or a multi-year one for as little as $3 per year! Moreover, they allow a layer of transparency - by listing both the first year and additional year pricing all at one place!

You can contact them and use the referral code “WEVOVH23” to get a further 10% off their pricing! (Even though their domain prices are lower than average!)

Cheers and have an amazing internet voyage! ✌️