Wev.ovh now provides landing pages!

Hello again, netizens of the internetwork! 👋

Today we are here to bring forth an AMAZING news - we are currently offering landing pages for people. That’s right! Those link-in-bio webpages found on peoples’ profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Discord, etc. that contains a set of all their links to other social platforms and projects they’re upto.

Would you like to have your own?

If you’re reading this article, you probably have already tried building your own using Bio.linkCarrd.coLinktr.ee or some other alternative. How did you feel? Obstructed by the limitations of their free tier, I believe?

Oh, you poor soul. 🥺 The problem isn’t your wallet. The problem is “not being at the right place at the right time”.

So here we are! Presenting to you…

Cost: $0 forever!

Unlike other competitors, we do not care about automation and the sheer digitalization (dehumanization). That’s why we don’t shove an online editor at your face which later cracks open into a paywall like a jack-in-a-box surprise!

Wev.ovh connects you to a real person, where you can describe your design ideas, styles, theme, color choices, etc. alongside your handful of links to post up. Whether you prefer the convenience of a text message over Discord, an email, or a video/audio call - we’re ready!

And yes, by all means, we shall not need any personal info at all. Nor any credit card details. 😂

Here follows a list of the features we promise:

  • Responsive Design - your landing page shall be adaptive to the device’s screen size and shape, ensuring that it always looks charming and in the way you expect!

  • 100% Free - the free trial isn’t like other free trials. Ours can last forever! And no credit card is required either, unlike certain businesses who prefer to pick your pockets when you’re not looking.

  • Full Customization - simply describe whatever you want, and we’ll deliver! Within reasonable reasons, ofcourse! Anything that fits a landing page. (so don’t end up asking for a “blogging” feature.)

  • Analytics - not enabled by default, but if you’re a statistics-conscious person, you can request to have access to the info about your visitors, discovery streams, etc. via Google Analytics. Simply send us the “embed code” snippet and we’ll add it! And if you’re not familiar, we’ll teach you. Everything’s quite easy once you know the correct terminology.

  • Content Embeds - if you ever feel like embedding something (if you see an “Embed </>” button) from a social platform or website, just send us the code and we’ll place it in!

  • Unlimited Access - Unlike other free alternatives, we don’t place a “monthly limit” to the number of visitors. Even if a billion people connect to the website simultaneously, it’s our responsibility to make sure they all can!

  • Shop Embeds - want to monetize your traffic? Set up a store and embed products right on your landing page! We recommend Ecwid for physical products and Gumroad for digital products.

  • Verifications - who doesn’t love that blue badge with a ✔️ mark? If you can prove that you own the social platforms that you link, we’ll provide one on your landing page for free!

  • SEO - search engine optimization. Fancy term for planning out websites and content in such a way that they become easily discoverable on search engines (e.g. Google, Bing, etc.) when people search for a particular term, phrase or name.

  • Custom Domain - if you already have your own domain, we can hook it right up! You can also contact us for purchasing a custom domain.

  • Free Subdomain - if you don’t wish to purchase a domain and if you currently don’t have one of your own, then no worries! Your landing page can be accessible from either wev.ovh/l/yourname or yourname.wev.ovh.

  • Fast Loading - time is precious, and according to psychological research, first impressions count! Thus, you can remain confident that your landing page will rapidly load within 1 second.

  • Bot Protection - in case you are targetted by a toxic script kiddie who’s harassing your landing page with bots to attempt a DDoS attack, have no fear! We can instantly activate the “shields” via Cloudflare.

Ofcourse, the best examples are which you can see with your own eyes. So here are a few example landing pages made by us for free!

Hint: our landing pages can be configured to look different in different devices (if clients want). Try visiting each of the links above on a phone as well as a PC/laptop.

Cost: $1-$10 per day ($30-$310 per month/ $365-$3660 per year)

If you are managing an enterprise, then you definitely need additional resources and features. Our free plan should be sufficient for most small to medium-sized businesses, but hey - we’re just letting you know that we carry a premium tier for wealthier individuals. 😉

Firstly, we shall select a time and date for a formal video meeting. At a time that is most suitable for you (as a business owner/representative).

Legal documents shall be exchanged, signed and confirmed, including a pricing plan within the range specified above. Depending on the allocation of your financial resources, Wev.ovh shall be determined to set ours, too. We will also discuss about any additional terms and conditions through which your content may be regulated.

Sample information that might be inquired in the video interview shall include, but not be limited to:

  • legal name, address, contact information of the representitive

  • legal name, address, contact information of the organization

  • the extent of features required for the landing page

  • the extent of security/protection required for the landing page

  • the extent of accessibility required for the landing page

  • duration, renewability, validity of the contract

  • legal constraints for either parties (us and your business)

The meeting is estimated to take around 30-120 minutes, depending on the complexity of the project and the scope of your business.

Contact Options

Ready to get started? Send an email describing what you need (along with all your links to be displayed) to the following email addresses:

For free/personal: freelanding@wev.ovh

For paid/business: viplanding@wev.ovh

Thanks for reading to the very end of this article. We can’t wait to design and launch your link-in-bio landing page! 😃

To other competitors, you are just a number to them. A money-farming animal.

To us? You are the unique client with your own identity, opinion and voice.

No matter what happens in this world, Wev.ovh will be right by your side! 🫡