Why Memorial University is an excellent choice for your degree

If you are reading this, and you are a prospective student at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, then prepare to be amazed at the treasures that this neat institution has to offer from the easternmost tip of North America!

Even if you’re a current student at MUN, this article may refine your patriotism towards your beloved educational paradise.

Photo Credit: Memorial University (Via Flickr)

Low Tuition Fees

To begin with, this university has maintained a reputation worldwide as being one of the most affordable ones till date. From the perspective of international students, indeed, this is a golden beacon that calls out into the depths of the academic sea — attracting thousands of eager minds every year.

Recently, there has been a decision declared by the administrative authorities that the tuition fees are climbing up the price ladder. This includes an increment of 4% for current students and a double dose for the incoming scholars arriving at the docks of diction. However, even at twice the standard price students have to pay for their degree, it is nonetheless cheaper than the other institutes of similar caliber across other parts of Canada!

Fees-to-Ranking Ratio

Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador owns a prestigious ranking against other universities of choice. From the perspective of its rankings, Memorial University offers the minimal tuition fee requirements.

It has been formally announced on the 2021 Academic Ranking of World Universities (also known as the Shanghai Ranking) that MUN is among the top 700 out of the millions of universities on Earth. To the people who are actually enrolled at MUN, however, we know a different story.

Here, you will meet some of the most influential people in your life, to be motivated and guided by their intellectual inspiration. You’ll engrave a third of the most precious memories into your heart and at the end of the day, you’ll forever cherish your time you spend here. That, my friend, is priceless. That even money and “rankings” cannot buy.

Social Diversity

What about the community criterion? No, Memorial’s environment is not good; it is incredible! Indeed, over here, you will find friendly faces from all over the globe under one roof. Especially if you are an international student, having someone from your own motherland is a blessing. You can count on us that you will rarely feel homesick, if at all!

Whichever ethnicity you belong to, there is no such thing as “ethnicity” in the domain of MUN — there are only friends and those who are yet to be friends with! Neither is there any minuscule hint of any type of discrimination about height, gender, nationality. This is definitely the social Heaven your scholarly soul deserves!

Moreover, with over 125 clubs and societies at your fingertips to choose from, think about the possible exciting events and evenings to come!

Castle of Knowledge

Whether you may know it or not, right at the heart of the main campus of Memorial University resides the Queen Elizabeth II library. Towering in the skyline like a monolith of an experienced era of wisdom, the structure houses the most informative books you will ever lay your learning vision upon. Simply enter and be paralyzed at the sprawling expanse of literature, facts and theories awaiting to be discovered and assimilated.

Esoteric legends state that the building itself has been shaped like a staircase to guide the most remarkable learners towards the singularity which overshadows all of mankind.

Campus Security

With a campus as widespread as ours, you might expect that it is common to have concerns over security and safety. Ah, despair no longer! With Memorial’s built-in campus enforcement system, you can feel the aura of reliability emanating from the patrolling officers. No matter how small or big your dilemma, they are here to help in every way you can imagine!

Facilities Galore

From academic advisors to internationalization experts, counsellors to accessibility accommodations — MUN has got you covered for any sort of trouble, concern, or the slightest wave of worry crossing your forehead.

If that is not all, try visiting the University Center that serves as an all-in-one area for your needs — the Attic, the MUNmart, the food court, … the list goes on!

Is that all? Certainly not. There are more perks lurking all over Memorial University than meets the eye. We merely hold up a key to the doors that will narrate your journey and the things not mentioned in this article — the choice is yours, the time is now!

See you on campus.