Quantum Immortality

So just yesterday (and also today), I came across this peculiar game called Please Fail Safely and Deadly. From the first impressions, you can assume from the slight grammaticatical error in the title that the game isn’t a very good one. No doubt, if it was excellent enough, people would’ve already known about this game by now.

Moving onto the main topic, the game revolves around a concept adopted from the theory of quantum immortality. Personally, I haven’t looked much into the theory, but it kind of explains that everyone is, in fact, immortal. That’s right! You heard me right! Immortal - unkillable.

The theory of quantum immortality suggests that we live in ONE of the MANY possible parallel universes, and that whenever we ourselves are about to die or get killed in an accident, a strange event occurs. The person (victim) who is supposed to die, automatically switches from this universe’s timeline to another universe in which he/she doesn’t die. Meanwhile, we observers see that the person is dead. (And the usual things happen)

Isn’t it quite interesting? That indeed, from our own perspectives, we may never die! Instead, we are always dying in some way or the other in the other parallel universes simultaneously. In accordance to the Butterfly effect, that is.

Oh well, I shall provide further insight about this matter later on.

It’s 1:48 am (NDT) as I write this final sentence before I shut down my laptop and go to sleep. Thanks for reading this brief blog post.