An Attempt To Explain Everything

An Attempt To Explain Everything

How this universe actually works

Photo by Guillermo Ferla on Unsplash

This universe favors circular motion. Everything is spinning one way or the other — from the fidget spinner in your hand, to the wheels of a vehicle, to the planet we are living on, the star we revolve around, and even the galaxy which carries our solar family of planets around! This phenomenon is due to the subtle expansion of space and the balance of any object’s inertia against its ‘anchoring forces’ justified by its center of force. You should be familiar with this as the ‘centripetal force’.

As we know it, gravity is attracting everything to their nearest neighbors, down to the subatomic level. In my opinion, gravity is not exactly a force but rather a form of elastic potential energy, where the elasticity is measured by the ability of the universe to support the existence of particles at a particular place, and its apparent ‘disturbance’ against the existent nothingness. We can imagine any ‘matter particles’ would generate a ‘bubble’ of attractive forces around them. Strangely enough, gravity actually attracts everything simultaneously. This indicates that even the furthest electron on the furthest atom of the furthest star or particle cluster has a gravitational effect on everything the Earth and across the other edge of the universe! That is because even though the ‘effects’ are negligible, they are not entirely ‘zero’ due to the curvature of space-time (the higher dimensional ‘fabric’ of the universe). Due to the large distances involved, it is natural for almost any kind of particle or wave to appear ‘stretched’ from our perspective, due to the influence of massive objects along the path of the photons (light) reaching us. Similarly, space itself is warped and stretched across voids of pure vacuum, where no matter particles exist!

Speaking of attractive particles, everything in the universe has an ‘opposite’, by design. Scientists have already discovered anti-particles for every particle to ever exist. The Creator of our universe has set everything to be balanced — in pairs, cardinal opposites — and symmetric. Gravity itself is not alone; the opposing ‘force’ has been dubbed as ‘dark energy’ by scientists. In my opinion, dark energy, or ‘antigravity’, as I would like to call it, exists in the absence of matter — to generate the ‘blowing’ force needed to expand the universe. For without an expanding universe (in higher dimensions), there would be no such thing as ‘time’.

Everything would be stationary. It is indeed, due to the presence of an expanding antigravitational energy that matter manages to displace itself from one hyperprecise zero-dimensional point in four-dimensional space-time, creating instabilities in entropy and allowing particles to shift positions. This, in my opinion, is the definition of ‘time’ itself. The three-dimensional projection of an existing particle in space from a higher dimensional displacement.

Since everything is locked under various forces, objects continue their circular paths. And when there is an absence of matter — a pure vacuum — the balance between gravity and antigravity is lost. Thus, it creates (or stretches) four-dimensional space.

Back to the topic of circular motion, why are most celestial objects ‘spherical’? The answer lies in the basic applications of mechanics into geometry. In order to let both internal and external forces balance each other around a singular point, an ideal three-dimensional shape is the sphere — where every point on the surface is equidistant from the center. In reality, any celestial object, i.e. the Earth, is slightly bulging out at the equator. This happens due to the mass of the object ‘spilling out’ while in motion perpendicular to the axis of rotation. When this happens, matter from the poles are ‘squashed’ further towards the core of the object. A similar scenario occurs in galaxies, where majority of the mass is ejected towards the outer edges, to such an extent that it forms a disc instead of a sphere. Matter cannot simply escape out into space as long as there is a centripetal force provided by the significantly denser (and more massive) core.

Human civilization would seem insignificant when compared with the majority of the marvels of the universe occurring everywhere except near us. Just like the forces and their aforementioned mutual ‘bonding’ between particles, human society carries the same signature of the Creator. Our brains were designed (and evolved) to identify ‘beauty’ in the presence of (natural) symmetry, balance and attraction. Not just as a romantic feeling; even the desires we feel, the goals we set, the things we like (or dislike) are all well-defined by the winner between factors supporting whether we are attracted or repelled by a particular topic, idea, thought, object, etc. It is all a game of pairs! Dipping into the fundamentals of psychology, a process known as ‘conditioning’ undermines all living creatures’ behavior, affected by rewards and punishment, often endorsed by behaviorism. Extrapolating the resultant activities from all such entities leads to emergence, where whole complex organisms, networks and even economies can exist.

I would like to further add in my personal observation that a lot of objects and entities have a dual relationship: master-slave, teacher-student, superior-inferior, parent-child, hadron-lepton, etc.

To conclude, our universe is the most beautiful and mysterious ‘something’ to ever ‘happen’. Yet, everything can be simplified down to some core values: spin, symmetry, symbiosis. And it is with utmost gratitude to the Creator that I pray you have a good day! Thank you for your sacrifice of the possible pathways of the projection of space in this current phase of potential energy. In other words, thank you for your time!