Worlds of Knightspeak --- An Introduction

The ‘world’ of Knightspeak is non-singular and stretches over a large range of universes, realms, and dimensions. Furthermore, “more worlds are being discovered every time” as the scholars of Stratomdore in Emetria, Emen, would suggest.

Among the near-infinite chain of worlds in Knightspeak, some of the notable and featured ones are described below.


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Dano resembles our real world universe in many ways. This realm contains planets and stars although they do not follow standard patterns of orbits. Everything is more or less stationary in space. The planets are giants in terms of comparison with Earth-like worlds and the stars are puny crystals of various types. Some stars are hot, radiating heat and light. Others can be cold, or cold and dark, or dark and lifeless.

As for the Sun or Moon as it is observable by the common races (humans, orcs, elves, undead) living in Emen and Noirfel, they are hollow celestial spheres revolving around the edges of Dano. Legends speak of the ancient gods building them and setting them into motion.

A few of the ‘planets’ are summarized and named below. Note that the size of each of these is gargantuan. Which is why the world would seem quite ‘flat’ at surface level.

  • Emen : the home planet and heart of all humanity. The focal region where a majority of Knightspeak’s stories are centralized. Emen houses the massive continents Emetria, Calemarn, and Dovaak.
  • Noirfel : the nearest planet to Emen. Historically was once a paradise, later turned dark and corrupt. Scholars in Emen suggest that Noirfel is the root of the origin of the Undead.
  • Eruja : the second most distant planet from Emen. Observable in the night sky from Emen as a spiral nebula formation. Astronomers used to believe it was a star. Little is known so far about this planet since no portals are directed to and from it, and space flight is not directly possible except for god-like beings.
  • Sceplar : the most distant planet known so far in Dano. A technologically rich and advanced civilization is rumored to exist there. No living man has set foot in Sceplar though. Only wizards and rulers of the highest rank are allowed to travel via portals there.


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Ectid has various similarities with Dano. Some texts try to prove that Dano and Ectid were once one and the same and that due to some conflict between godly beings, the realms separated.

Unlike Dano, Ectid doesn’t have a Sun or a Moon. Only stars and planetary bodies. All lifeless and stagnant.

Since planet-to-planet transportation itself is quite a headache for Emen folk, don’t even think about getting started on interdimensional travel! Actually, no. It is possible to a limited extent. Few wizards, scholars and rulers know such secrets. One of those secrets had been revealed by accident.

Luckily, now almost everyone knows that particular unveiled fact, that, the Seven Council had forcefully shut off all contact with the Ectid realm ages ago. When questioned, they put forward an excuse that the Ectid beings are all barbaric conquerors, waiting to devour Dano. So far, no one knows truly what race those Ectid people are, nor their appearance nor size, let alone language.

Spies from several libraries have uncovered as much trivia as they could about the known planets contained within that realm.

  • Aruba : a violent planet ruled by a monopolist kingdom. The prime population consists of a peculiar hybrid race whose appearance matches that of humanoid dinosaurs, regarded as ‘Arubians’. The secondary race is a humanoid crocodile race similar to that of the Arubians, called the ‘Crolics’. The Arubians dominated the Crolics by enslaving them.
  • Dorod : currently a deserted planet. Once it housed the magnificent Dorai Elf race, but fell prey to the Arubians when they invaded.
  • Neno : a peaceful planet, inhabited by humanoid cat people, known as the ‘Neko’. A rather strange race they are, since all of them are female. They invented an innovative masking device that hides their planet from the reaches of the Arubians.
  • ???? : the planet’s name was forgotten, but its people are cruelly remembered. They are famous for their ‘havoc knights’.


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What happens to the dead when they die? Well… nothing, sadly. However, there are spiritual angels which deliver the lost souls to the realm of Terrez. Terrez is a dimension itself, which is halfway between open space (like Dano or Ectid) and a planetary world.

An almighty ruler entitled ‘the Soul King’ is responsible for managing and ruling over the afterlife of the dead. If required, the Soul King can recruit and summon the dead souls as warriors to aid him in his constant battle versus all of the rest of the untamed worlds.

Souls are made of the element ‘sol’, which is prized by almost everyone in Knightspeak for its energy potential. Yes, EVERYONE. Whether dead or alive, or god or creation, they all desire the role and ability of the Soul King and his throne. Thus, the Soul King has an eternal task of defending Terrez from all foreign forces since this realm is open to all dimensions due to its function to collect and store souls and spirits from the dead.

At the timeline of Knightspeak’s chief storyline, King Markoth the Third was chosen for the forsaken task of being the Soul King.


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At the edges of the ‘known universe’ of Knightspeak, lies a secluded realm enveloped by a void sphere. The name is Zhener.

This realm is an artificial world created by Dalladus, a self-proclaimed god among warlocks. He had discovered a new form of magic which required a huge supply of souls and material to be input. Long before Markoth the First’s reign, Dalladus and his followers were shunned from his home dimension.

Having no choice left, Dalladus unleashed the Vortex, a terrifying storm of energy and destruction that tore through his home realm, providing him with the power to create his own world.

And so, the warlocks practising Dalladus’s teachings were known as the Zhede, who later travelled to Zhener to practise their magic and to meditate in peace.

Zhener can be visualized as a floating chunk of land atop which an elegant palace stands proudly. Three void spheres, one inside the other as layers, act as a shell for this realm, which is a good reason why no challengers or conquerors can ever find their world.


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As described before in the Zhener section, the Vortex is an artificial celestial storm. Similar to a blackhole in our Earthly universe.

The Vortex slowly moves through space, ripping apart any realm or dimension it touches. Sooner or later, it may reach Dano and make all of humanity in that realm extinct forever.

Why is the Vortex regarded as a realm? Because studies carried out by scholars in Terrez have observed its chaotic behavior for thousands of years. Material is drawn inwards, right into the eye/singularity of the Vortex. This is then converted to energy. While 80% of the energy is siphoned by the Zhede warlocks at Zhener, the remaining 20% of the energy cannot be digested properly by the Vortex. So, 15% of the energy is hurled across other realms randomly. And a little of the 5% becomes part of the Vortex itself.

Through the course of time, the energy portions in the spirals of the Vortex have materialized into planets. And signs of life have also been detected from those floating chunks.