Knightspeak’s Wizards — The Seven Council

Arguably one of the finest brotherhoods known throughout the continent of Emetria, it still has defects in the name. The Seven Council is a rather simplistic title tagging the team of the most esteemed wizards of the planet. Each of them had been dubbed by the colors of their gemstones representing their skill and personality.

Azadnudur ⚪

||| |:—:|:—| ||Wields a prism staff. Master of magic, wizards, dragons. Azadnudur is recognized as a king among all wizards and witches across the realm of Emen. With prowess beyond contemplation by lesser magi and spellcasters, Azad can easily lift whole islands into the air, explode whole mountains apart, or even spawn live dragons right out of his hands. Despite his dominating abilities, Azadnudur prefers to remain dormant in his meditative state at his favorable camp.|

Rondellof 🔴

||| |:—:|:—| ||Wields a ruby staff. Master of violence, fire, blood. Ronde was always ill-treated by the other members of the Seven Council for his lack of empathy and mercy for his opponents. According to the old records of continental feats, Rondellof was renowned as a restless risk-taking adventurer who would stop at nothing till he achieved his goals. Recently, however, rumours have spread that he has been bribed by the military forces of Dovaak to perform malicious and shady research. Possibly to develop new weapons and potions for their disposal. Local invigilators argue otherwise.|

Nikneferon 🔵

||| |:—:|:—| ||Wields a sapphire staff. Master of wisdom, brewery. Feron the Great is a title achieved through decades of righteous decisions, services in human wars, and notable breakthroughs in the magical sector. Nikneferon is identifiable as the inventor of many spells and incantations used by wizards far and wide across Emen. His greatest (and perhaps his only) opposing factor was — age. As he grew older, however, the mana coursing in his blood grew stronger. To sum up, he adjusted his weaknesses to offset new benefits and perks for the art of spell casting.|

Bamirion 🟢

||| |:—:|:—| ||Wields an emerald staff. Master of war, plants, herbal powers. Hooded, agile, and mysterious… Bamirion (self-suggested to call him ‘Bamir’) would have been a fitting assassin if not a wizard. Due to fate and luck, he had become a wizard ofcourse. With mastery in combat and warcraft, Bamir possesses the best physical definitions and attributes required for a top-notch icon of war. Unlike other wizards who rely solely on magic, Bamir has his skills honed for a warrior’s build, too. Records in the Archetype Arcane, a book based on the classification and foundations of an ideal wizard, mention an event where Bamir had challenged Azadnudur to a duel. Azadnudur had won without a sweat, leaving Bamir broken and determined to train harder.|

Ganyar 🟡

||| |:—:|:—| ||Wields a sulphur staff. Master of mischief, explosions. An idol rather less talked about in high citadels. History texts narrate the tale of Ganyar, an imbecile who wrapped a king in giant leaves before presenting it to a goblin tribe as an offering. Ganyar the Yellow. Ganyar the Mad. A wizard with so many bizarre and insulting titles, yet he never knew his limits. On the brighter side, he is the wizard most talked about in the common society. A hero he was, indeed, to defeat the evils of boredom. Incidents retold in folklore include how Ganyar stopped two catastrophes at once by hunting an ice dragon and forcing it into the vent of a volcano almost about to erupt, how Ganyar spilled oil on the streets of his resident town to prevent thieves and burglars from running too fast, how Ganyar fooled a gang of pirates into jumping into a well full of gunpowder, etc.|

Beledi 🟤

||| |:—:|:—| ||Wields a mudstone staff. Master of earth, friendship, logic. The most nimble and peaceful wizard in the Seven Council. Little is known of him since he rarely opens his mouth to speak.|

Abelthazur 🪙

||| |:—:|:—| ||Wields a golden staff. Master of wealth, dreams, happiness. Abelthazur has been missing ever since the Seven Council was established. Thus, no illustration of him had been created so far. No living man knows or remembers his appearance either.|

Khazur ⚫

||| |:—:|:—| ||Wields an obsidian staff. Master of destruction, chaos, and undead. The only wizard who was once a knight before he died. Miraculously, after a year or so, he reappeared. No one knew how or who resurrected him. The only fact known so far, was that Khazur was expected to be a fine wizard. By misfortune, Khazur was abducted and transferred to the corrupt land of Dovaak by an unknown faction. Since he had already tasted death, Khazur is considered a dangerous member in the Seven Council. His well-wisher (whoever had brought him back to life) expected highly of him, no doubt. In recent times, Khazur has been identified and located in the cursed lands of Dovaak, a continent in the far east from the mainland, Emetria. Ironically, he is a confirmed enemy towards the Seven Council and yet its members gave him a chance to prove his worth, his honor.|

Rahiden 🟣

||| |:—:|:—| ||Wields a silver/platinum staff. Unknown mastery skill and specialty. Rahiden is not a member of the Seven Council. But he has the potential to join anytime. A wizard akin to the stereotypical travelers they are supposed to be. Some say Rahiden is a master of disguises. Others boldly suggest he has unique powers to draw illusions or heal confusions. Only the closest apprentices may know the answer. And even that is kept a secret.|

And that concludes the wizards belonging to the Seven’s Council faction in the world of Knightspeak, dimension Dano, planet Emen, continent Emetria.