Who is Cooper Black ?

Cooper Black (alias) lives in the United States of America. By his appearance, there is nothing intriguingly special or dangerous about him.

However, if anyone wishes to stalk him for a day, his lifestyle will illustrate otherwise. He is usually seen dressed as a mix up of modern military apparel with traditional Americana cowboy fashion, styling a belt of 7.62 mm rifle bullets camouflaged as golden Gucci, a black cowboy vest, and a Stetson hat atop his mullet.

By nightfall, he sets out to the streets to deal retribution to criminals as a vigilante. In parallel, he works as an underworld mercenary top obey the word of only the highest rank personnel of anti-criminal organizations. His combat skills are highly desirable for eliminating and subduing world-threatening criminals and terrorists alike. He performs such tasks with the aid of an unlimited arsenal of the finest weaponry on Earth, provided by the organizations themselves.

No one on Earth knows his clear background history nor his real name.