Be Tidy, Be Clean --- Don't Be A Nasty Teen!

Having a hard boiled time at finding the things you need, fast? Getting itches up your nose since your room looks awkwardly out-of-shape and out-of-fashion? Or are you tasting total trauma because your parents are constantly poking at your forehead to clean up?

Well, well, look no further because today is the day — the epic judgement day — to end your fears and headaches!

Being tidy and well-organized is truly one of the arts, one of the assets, one of the virtues, of being a modernist… so ‘you’ decide whether to stay with the classy trend or remain a glassy bend in the road.

Photo by Ashley Byrd on Unsplash


Oh, heavens, yes! YES! Being ‘tidy’ and ‘organized’ are the twin brothers and sisters that govern your mood and fate. It is intertwined like a bow-tie; you pull out one strand, then your bow-tie is no longer a tie — it is a ribbon. A dead straight ribbon.

Likewise, unless you know how to manipulate your available pocket money of tidiness and organization, their absence shall drag out one mighty impactful shard of your valuable lifestyle. And if that happens, you got a dead straight life — like the others who are suffering from this disease — and you are bound to get kicked on the spinal cord if you are not an expert at being more in control, more prepared, and calmer in your life.

Without a royal standard of tidiness, you are a pleasing target for integrating heap-loads of stress into your lives. Oh, and there are desserts, too : clutter (both physical and mental), bad time management, poor accounting, depression, and mental breakdowns.

So, to avoid all of these witches crafting a disruptive dystopia to intervene with your lovely lifespan — which could potentially stagger your business, personal or academic productivity — you need to be prepared with the countermeasures.

Speaking of countermeasures, do not worry; you are not expected to brace for a monotonous time lapse of chores, you just need to have a strong will.

Photo by Ula Kuźma on Unsplash


Ouch, that sound… that white noise of young teenage people (like you) arguing against parents and wizened adults!

Quite a typical background scenario these days, that paint most window curtains with their shadows every night.

But have you ever paused a moment of your life to rethink the reason why the ruckus occurs so often?

Well, parents are usually embarrassed to publicly broadcast the fact that they might have a cinch in their parenting armour, which represents that they may lack parenting control. But let it be known that your parents find it insanely and impossibly difficult to let go of you.

And why do they have to throw their sweet-tongued, sour-lipped, and bitter-gazed words of complaint at you?

Actually, the reasons may vary greatly, like the colors of the sky during autumn, but for most households, your bedroom is the culprit. Since the condition of your bedroom is your responsibility, it is your fault, too.

The end result is this : parents are continuously placing sweeping blows at your back to whip you back into shape, whereas you people are no longer willing to tidy it all up because you have already wreaked a devastating level of havoc and untidiness.

So basically it is a “tit for tat” situation.

Photo by Stephen McFadden on Unsplash


By now, you may have realized your mistake (or maybe not). You have understood your crimes, your sins and your unstable mental state.

Well, you should better get ready to gulp down your mistake and press the pedal to the metal and begin extinguishing the signature flames of untidiness and disorganization… your parents are already equipped with their tactics by now — thanks to the availability of a massive library of parental advice articles, blogs, and magazines.

Be quick, be sorry, or prepare to have your phone seized, internet usage limited, your clothing kidnapped, and whatnot!

Go grab an academic planner, keep track of your work and activities, reminders, agenda, etc. as sensibly as crossing the road. Don’t be a fool and lose your planner, though! (Much like losing your driving license by being blown away by a gale.)

Remember, that a ‘tidy room’ is equal to a ‘tidy mind’. That is a helpful equation by an expert. Having a tidy, organized environment will automatically stimulate a comfort zone in your life — perhaps for the first time ever!

But watch out on your stress levels — do not overdo anything too far; try to remain calm, as if you have all the time in the world, and hopefully you shall see yourself rewarded. Guaranteed.