Custom landing page for Unico

Custom landing page for Unico

There’s a particular graphics designer that I admire, named Unico (available as Unico101) on Dribbble.

I noticed he was using for his “landing page”. Given the limited number of features available on that link-in-bio website builder, I thought he needs a ‘boost’ on the technical side.

So I decided to lend a hand!

Rather than rely on visual designing tools, I hard-coded the entire layout of the website from scratch. This was quite a fun experience for me to explore how CSS can be manipulated to achieve the desired effects. Furthermore, to add a cherry to the top of our little UI cake, I configured it to show separate versions of the website - depending on the platform (mobile, PC) viewed upon.

The full source of the website is available on Codepen.

For full resolution images:

(View on Dribbble)

(View on Behance)