Clothing Store App UI

Mario’s is a fictional clothing brand that aims at selling weather-influential apparel to people of all ages and sizes. Especially water-proof and winter clothing.

Nowadays, people have a very short attention span in general, thus, the Mario’s app reduces distractions and only provides a visual-first approach. On its homescreen, the current/upcoming season’s products are highlighted, followed by the highest-purchasing demographic customers (men), right above the Trending 🔥 category.

Naturally, customers are interested in discovering the products which are currently on sale or at a clearance era. Thus, a specific section on the menu panel links directly to a section that lists all the products which have a discount on them.

Each product has its own dedicated page listing all of its attributes. Additional features include a color palette tool and a convincing marketing copy resting right beneath the main facts of the item.

The Mario’s app saves customers’ payment methods, ensuring they are always ready to buy. The order summary screen lists the important facts about each item and concludes with a thematic total amount due.

Even after a purchase has been made, Mario’s offers customers the gift of transparency to let them keep a track of their order for every step till the parcel has arrived right at their doorstep. Although not shown here, the Track Order button is expected to bring up a map displaying the exact location of the products even if they still haven’t left the warehouse!


The name Mario’s Weather Wearhouse is a fictional brand and as such, should not be conflicting with Mark’s Work Wearhousenor for the game character Mario from the Super Mario Bro’s franchise owned by Nintendo.

All images were constructed manually by me and have no affiliation with any of their references. This excludes the photographs, which were collected via Canva’s inventory of free-to-use images.

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