Using MuxSites for your website

Why use MuxSites?

MuxSites is a brand new cheap and efficient way of ordering and getting your own website designed, built and set up for you. At the moment, the service is manual, and you have to fill in the details yourself.

Is MuxSites really free?

Yep! Definitely. They provide many more features and freedom of choice on their Free Plan than most website builders today. Once you order your site, you can have custom CSS, embeds, layouts (if it’s not too complicated) added to your site.

Other plans

  • Personal @ $5 per month
  • Enterprise @ $20 per month
  • Corporation @ $100 per month

A quick summary of available features for each pricing plan has been provided below

No watermark
Custom CSS
Custom embeds
Custom layoutLimited
Free hosting1 GB5 GB15 GB
Free SSL certificate
SEO guarantee
Multiple pages< 100< 10000Unlimited
Blog site
Ecommerce site
Server monitoring
Sitemap & meta info
Custom domain
DNS management
Social platform
App versionsAndroid, iOS
Desktop client
Bespoke admin site
API contract

Try the Free Plan

You can feel free to give it a try. After all, it costs $0 so why lose an opportunity?

Get your FREE site

Consider PAYING a bit MORE

You can reap some interesting benefits by upgrading/choosing a premium plan for your site. For example, this website ( would qualify for a Personal plan.

Here are some comparisons with other platforms and sites which can be substituted by MuxSites :

You can stay at $0 forever if you only intend to have a single-page landing site for a link-in-bio. E.g. Carrd,

If you go for the $5 package, you can have a beautiful blog site of your own rules. E.g. Medium, Blogger, Ghost.

With the $20 plan per month, you have the ability to set up an online store like Ecwid, Shopify.

And finally, if you can spend $100 a month for your website, MuxSites will gladly provide enough facilities and promises to build up any app/site of your choice. Mainly great for building sites like Amrella, Darksalt, Muxcord, etc.